Saturday, July 02, 2011

Baby Gift and Diaper Craft

SDC10317 I love making baby gifts! The cupcake (I'm calling it a muffin) is from Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet my go to book for cuteness.  The socks are knit using scrap sock yarn and my made up baby sock pattern.  For the blanket I just used a ripple stitch and some super soft acrylic. 
DiaperWoohoo I made a diaper!  And it was super super super easy.  I used RRP (Rita's Rump Pocket).  I love the pattern the diaper fits great on Lily and I will be making more.  I also think it would be perfect for a newborn and if and when I have another I will be making a ton of these... I will make a few more anyway.  When I made this one I sewed in a prefold, I won't do that again, it's just too thick all around and it took forever to dry.  Next time I will make it as a pocket and use turn my prefolds into inserts.  (I don't like prefolds but we will talk about that in my next post.)
SoakerThis was a super fast soaker to knit and seems to fits well.  I used Frantic Mama Knitted Soaker Pattern and made a size large.  It took a full ball of Kureyon and almost a full ball WOTA.  I plan on knitting a few more soakers, I don't know how much we will used them because they don't fit under clothing well. I think I will try to put a skirt on one next and I want to try a wrap pattern I found. If I had a smaller baby I'd be all over soakers and longies!   Well I think that's all I've got for now:)

Next time we will talk about the fight I got in with a snappi and my deep seeded hatred for prefolds (yes I'm a drama queen, and no I really don't hate them...that much) and I'll talk about the the ebay diapers I got yesterday!

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