Thursday, July 28, 2011

Alva, Popfish, BabyLand, and other ebay cloth diaper review

ebay diapersI've had a chance to try a few more diapers.  All these I bought from ebay for less the $6 each shipped.  The green ones left to right Alva, Popfish, and Sunnycutebaba
ebay diapers
ebay diapersFrom Left to right b'bies, Grape-Apple, and Babyland.
ebay diapers

All these diapers worked for us.  I've used all but the babyland and sunnycutebaba at night.  The babyland and the sunnycutebaba run very small and we have pulled them from the stash.  I think they would work really well on a smaller baby but not on our toddler. They did leak but only because they were to small for Lily. Out off all of these diapers I have to say I love the Alva and the Popfish the most.  They are almost the same diaper.  The only differences I've found so far are the liner fabric is different and Alva have to hip snaps.  Alva also come in more prints but the Popfish cost less even though they do not come with inserts.   (you can buy them from the same seller)  Both have the double pocket elastic. (love this)  I own 3 Alvas and 6 Popfish and have/will order more.  I will say that the Popfish seller ships much quicker and I get my diapers much faster.  The Grape-Apple diaper and the b'bies (I have one of each) work well also and are active in our rotation.  I think they they are a bit trimmer then the Alvas/Popfish.  The Grap-apples, like the Alvas come in lots of great prints.  I just think I like the wing shape better on the Alvas and the Popfish but would order and use both the Grape-Apple and b'bies again.  All the diapers seem to be holding up well.  I cold  wash, hot wash, warm wash no soap, cold rinse and then air dry the shells.   I will keep using them and let you know of any problems.


AngieBabyxxx said...

Hiya, I have just recently purchased my first cloth diaper off ebay (a popfish) and was very excited to try it out. However, within 20mins our 11mth old baby girl was SOAKED through! I am so dissapointed and wonder if I have done something wrong, whether it is too small for her (she is approx 21.lbs), or whether this whole cloth diaper thing actually works with no leaks??? I wonder if you could be a star and give me some advice? Thanks hun, Angie xx

merlinthecat said...

Hi Angie! My lo is about 30lb and almost 3. I didn't diaper her when she was younger so I don't know much about cloth diapering a baby baby. I don't have anymore problems with leaks then I did with disposables so they really do work. Did you was it before you used it? Cloth diapers have to washed a little differently then your clothing. You have to make sure you get all the soap out. There are some really good places to get lots on clothing dipering. I really like the Babycenter Cloth diaper board. Everyone is very nice and helpful. (and they know a bunch more then I do) Good luck!