Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cloth Diapers

So after about 31mo I've decided to switch Lily to cloth diapers.  I'm still not completely clear why I made this switch so close to potty training.  I had thought about cloth diapering her before she was born but thougth it looked really expensive and I had no clue where to start then we had the hip thing so I pretty much forget about it.  I started thinking about it again last week when after our car broke down I had to walk to the store to get diapers.  They didn't have the brand we used  so I was stuck with another...ones that didn't work well on her and gave her a rash.  Well I knew that we'd be out the car for awhile and I was going to be stuck with these crappy over priced diapers jand I had a Target Gift card burning a hole in my pocket (and no way to get to Target) so I ordered 4 diapers.  Don't tell my MIL it was my b-day present and I always end up using them on the girls. Before I ordered I spent some time taking to a friend and researching online.  I ended up picking out  a 2 pack of Bumgenius 4.0 and 2 Trend Lab diapers.  The Bumgenius are pocket diapers.  That means that there is a "pocket" in the back of the diaper and you stuff it with inserts.  I think that the Trend Lab is an AI2 (all in two). (Thank you L :) ) I'm not completely sure what that means all I know is that the Trend Lab has a snap insert with elastic on the sides, so it kinda cups to help hold messes.  The inserts come in girl, boy, and gender nutural.  I have a green and a pink diaper so a girl and a GN insert.  The gril insert has more padding in the middle and the GN has all over padding.  After prepping the diaper I've used them mixed in with disposable for about a week so far.  I really like both diapers but I like the Trend lab more.  They seem to fit Lily better and I like that I can wrap a flannel wipe around the liner so for easy poop clean up and if she doen't get the cover wet or dirty I can just switch out the liner.  I like how the outer fabric is stretchy all over.  The bumGenius was great for at night (I haven't tried the Trend Lab at night yet) and I like how well made they are and how you can add more inserts to get more protection. I also like the stretchy tabs.  I think these will be my go to long outing and night time diapers. Both wash up nice but the Trend Lab inserts take longer to dry then the BG ones. Oh and I've read that microfiber is bad to have against the skin, but don't find it a problem yet, I'll let you know if that changes but don't see it being a problem for us.  I did end up ordering a couple more Trend Labs (I really like that price) and another 2 pack of inserts and plan on getting at least 1 or 2 more bumGeniuses.  I picked up a dozen unbleached Indian prefolds that I am prepping now.  And I also ordered a couple of covers, one from Etsy and another big name.  I'll let you know what I think of them after I get them.  Oh and because I couldn't help myself and they were soooo cheap. .. I ordered some random pocket diapers from china on Ebay.  I'll let you know what I think of those when I get them.   I'm new to all this and still don't get the lingo but I do think that I'm hooked.  I know that even this late in the game I will still save money. (and I hope to have one more baby)  I also like the crafting.  I've started making my own flannel wipes and cast on for a wool soaker.  I'd like to try my had at making PUL and fleece covers...I've wanted some snap pliers for a while now anyway.  I'm LOVING the flannel wipes...They clean sooo much better.  I'll take a picture of them all stacked pretty when I finish them.  To wet them I'm just using a spray bottle with a "wipe solution" that I found's just baby wash, oil, and water.   I think the only draw back is washing diapers.  I'm not using any special detergent just the Purex we have on hand... I may try something more diaper friendly down the line and see if it works any differently.  When I washed them last night I had to do 3 or 4 extra rinses and add a splash of vinegar to get the suds out of the water.  It took forever.  I am air drying my covers, I want them to hold up longer and they were all nice in dry by morning.  I will let you guys know how this goes and I hope to not have to buy another pack of disposable diapers or wipes again!

Edited July 28th  So I've been using my diapers for just over a month now.  I've tried a few more brands out, mostly ebay diapers...  I find that some of those work so much better (and I like them more) then my bg and my Trend labs.  The don't like the snap in inserts on the Trend Labs, they are bulky compared to my other diapers. (we still have no problem with the microfiber)  I found that I'm a pocket kind of gril and I just don't like aio/ai2.  The Trend Labs still work great and fit well...I just don't love them. 


Amber H. said...

Yay for cloth diapering! Did you know that you can even knit your own diaper covers to use with prefolds? You do have to lanolize the covers though, but they are supposedly AWESOME for the summer months since it keeps your baby's skin cooler.

I'm a cloth diapering mama as well. One of my FAVORITE sites is for cloth diapering info. She even has a post on lanolizing wool covers, but I haven't knitted any myself to do so. I need to hop on that!

NinjaEema said...

It sounds like the trent lab dipes are AI2s, or all in 2s, meaning a cover and lay in insert. An AIO, or all in one, has no insert, it's sewn into the actual diaper. Glad to hear that you're liking CDing. I'm really glad I decided to do it with Penelope.