Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trinity's patched jeans

Trinity's patched jeans
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I patched a pair of Trinity pants last night. It's hard to find stuff that fits her right...she's really hippy. (these are Old Navy) I have another pair doesn't have holes yet but she wants me to do.

The only other things I've been crafting are the woodland critters for the shop and the ones for my friends little boy.  I have been getting rid of Lily's old clothing.  I figure that I'm not going to have another baby anytime soon and I might as well get rid of this stuff (I'm holding out a little longer on the bigger stuff)  I don't want to test fate that much :)  Anyway, I found this site, Thredup where you can trade your kids' outgrown stuff for clothes that fit.  You have to pay shipping and a small fee but it is well worth it, as long as you pick the right boxes.  I'm happy with what I've received so far and it's kinda fun.

We are getting another storm today...this time with ice... It was over 50 a couple days this past week...gotta love Michigan :)

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