Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Year!

I know it's the 3rd, but I had a busy weekend.  My wheel and I got reacquainted!  I've been spinning like mad.  I can wait to show you my new handspun sock yarns.  I'm hoping to stock more handspun in hope of saving for a new wheel.  I really really want a Ashford Country Spinner, my Kromski Symphony only spins sock or lace yarn for me.  I have to fight with it to get anything bulkier and I really really want to spin my own art yarns from my This and That Batts.

I've also finished a few new necklaces for the shop, worked on a pair of socks for Joe and cut fabric for an apron to sew for a friend.  I need to make a date with my sewing machine.  I have an outfit that I cut for Lily before we moved that I really want to finish before she grows out of it.  It's really cute top and pants from  a vintage pattern. 

Trinity and I will be starting school again today.  We took a lot of time off for the move and the holidays so we have a ton of work to do.  Trinity can't wait to do math again.  I hope Lily keeps napping well in the afternoons! 

Well I've got a million things to do today...have a good one!

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