Sunday, January 30, 2011


My best friends house caught on fire this past week.  They lost just about everything.   Everyone made it out safe, even the kitty.  They will be OK. 

 This is my same friend, if you remember that I knitted and crocheted all those little critters for their up coming baby over a year ago.  Last time she was over she had told me how much he loved them.  Now they are all gone.  I've started remaking them and thankfully have all the patterns.  I was very worried I'd lost them when the laptop died, but I had backed them up :)  So you will be seeing a lot of woodland creatures around her for a while.  I wish I could do more for them.  

Be thankful for what you have and who you have around you because you never know when it will be gone.  


Ruth said...

How awful ... I am so glad they all got out safely.

Susan said...

Please pass along my well wishes to them, we had a house fire in June, luckily it was contained to one room, and the rest of the upstairs only got smoke and soot damage.

IT IS VERY SCARY and stressful, then the fun of dealing with the building inspectors etc....ugh don't get me started, i am very glad they are all ok, and I do hope they were able to safe at least their photographs.

we've been on high alert at least 3 times in the 25 years we've lived here to almost evac for forest fires, and have always had to have some clothes and the animals packed and documents etc ready to go, and I always fought with my hubby that I would move heaven and hell to get our boxes of photos out!

Many positive blessings and positive, healing and calming energy being sent forth for your friends.