Saturday, November 06, 2010

Sample Saturday

I didn't get may samples but the ones I did get are pretty cool!  I also cashed in some Mypoints for a $10 Target gift card and $25 in Amazon codes.  I also got really lucky and made $23 taking surveys from Pinecone.


Lily turned 2 yesterday.  She really liked all her gifts, but her favorite was the stroller, kitty and doll.  I ended up getting her some store bought stuff, a new Mr. Potato head (the dogs eat the old one) crayons, and a Hello Kitty coloring book.  I only spend $5 on the coloring book and only because I couldn't find one with free shipping on Amazon.  Everything else was paid for in codes.  Pretty cool!  I don't think I'm going to be able to do that well for x-mas this year I'm going try and plan better. 


The yarn/jewelry shop has been really really slow.  I was much busier last year and am getting kinda worried.  I hope it picks up soon!  I've added some really cute new things and if you have a chance check it out :)   Leave a message in the seller saying you found me through my blog and I'll refund your shipping :)

Have a great weekend and I promise to get some WIP photos up next week (I hope)

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Batty said...

Sorry to hear business is slow. Can't imagine why, I love your stuff, it's most excellent!