Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sample Saturday and Part of Lily's Halloween Costume

Here is my free sample stash for the last 2 weeks.  I've also earned $5 in Amazon codes from Swagbucks, $3 from Pinecone, and .10 from YouData.  I love free stuff!
Free samples

I've been working on Lily's Halloween costume.  Trinity's is done but she won't let me take a picture of her in it till Halloween.  Lily is going to be a little Green Pixie.  I finished the wings and a little coat to go over the costume, because her winter coat just wouldn't look right :)
Lily's coat for halloween

For the coat I use 2 thrift store Afghans that I felted when I went to wash them.  opps :)  I used the Pintuck Sweater Tunic Pattern By Heidi and Finn.  It's the same pattern I used to make that little pink top for Lily.  This time I just use the pattern pieces and used the back as the front.  The buttons are vintage and from my stash. 

Lily's coat for halloween

I love the up and down zig-zag!

Lily's coat for halloween
And the Granny Square sleeves.
Lily's pixie wings
Here are the the Pixie wings.  I used 2 coat hangers, one for each side and a pair of old pantyhose.  Because they are so small I had to sew the pantyhose to the hangers and then Modge Podge them.  After the Modge Podge dried I painted them....they looked soooo plain.  To fix that I glued a bunch of handyed wool locks (the same ones I use for my Zombie Batts).  I really don't want anyone to mistake her for Tinker Bell.

Lily's pixie wings
Here they are after the Modge Podge.

Lily's pixie wings
And the paint.

Lily's pixie wings
The back....
Lily's pixie wings

I have the dress together but still need to finish the neckline and embellish.  I even felted matching wool to add :)  I can't wait to play with it later.  I also have to sew up the leggings. 

I should take pics of my WIP for you too....hmmm

Oh I wholesaled some of my jewelry to a local shop, Lamb's Gate.  I also took another batch of Cat Nip Pillows to Pruess.  I really like this wholesale thing!  I'd like to do consignment or wholesale with a couple more shops.  It's hard only relying on etsy.   I think that all I have for you :)  I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Care said...

I LOOOOOVE that coat!! I want one for ME! :o)

(Found you via Wardrobe Refashion!)

Amy said...

I agree with Care--that coat is absolutely stunning, and I'd snap it up if it appeared in my size! (I'd snap it up in exactly the size it is too, I'd just be super jealous of the recipient...) Really lovely work.

Mod Podge Amy said...

That is SOO CUTE! I too love that little jacket. And the wings!