Monday, October 11, 2010

Dead Car, New Car, and a Bunch of Free Samples :)

Last week our car died, our only car.  That sucked not so much for me, I don't drive much, but husband could work one job and had to ride his bike to another.  We live in a strange city,  almost everything is outside it and public transportation is lacking. At least we has a post office close so I could get all my packages out and we were good on food as stuff.  Here is a picture of the Golden Turd getting towed by the salvage guy.  This was on Tuesday.  Oh if you were wondering it was the transmission, it lost reverse and wouldn't shift out of 2nd.

Bye bye golden turd
After a very stressful week of looking for a car we found one yesterday.  Meet our vintage BMW 528E.  We got very very lucky.  She runs like a dream and doesn't look too bad and she was CHEEAAAP!!  I'll never drive her, she's a stick.  She is now my husbands new baby and if he takes care of her she should last forever.  Yea for cars! 

Our New Vintage BMW

Here are my free samples for the week, the laundry detergent ones are missing, I need them and there was biscuits mix I used.  I also cashed in $6.30 in Amazon codes with Opinion Outpost and $10 with Swagbucks.

Free stuff

I got a lot of crafting done last week!  I'll get that up soon :)

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julie k said...

Sweet car! Reminds me of the black 325 my husband and I drove across country before we were married.