Saturday, September 25, 2010

Free Stuff Saturday

It's been 3 weeks and I have a good batch of goodies for you to see.  The only thing missing is a packaged of that new Home style Mac & Cheese.  I forgot to grab it when I went out to take pictures yesterday. 


The Elmer's and X-ato stuff is from a bzzkit.  I also earned $6 from Pinecone and cashed in $25 in Amazon codes from Swagbucks.  It's time to start x-mas shopping and I love doing some of it for free! 

I've finely finished those green socks for dh!  yea!  No picture, he's wearing them and at work.  I've started another pair, these will be for x-mas if I can finish on time.  I'm pretty much still working on all the same stuff...I do have to get busy with the girls Halloween costumes.  Trinity is going to be a lime green and turquoise bunny rabbit (she picked the fabric) and Lily is going to be a green pixie.  I have a pattern for the bunny, (Kwik Sew 2711) but for the pixie I think I'm going to design my own.  I'm going to go for more of an artsy look then the tutu style.  I have that tutu and wings that was Trinity's Woodland Fairy costume, but its just not right for Lily.  It's just not her.  I just hope they both turn out well.

I've listed 2 new necklaces along with the batts this week.


This one (Candy) goes really well with this set of batts
This and That Spinning Wool Batts

This is the other one I listed. 

and this one will be listed tomorrowish.

Have a great first weekend of fall!

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Batty said...

Those necklaces look great! And... yeah, the first one goes really well with the batts. Now there's a concept -- I think I now need jewelry to go with all my yarn and fiber.