Monday, September 06, 2010

Free Stuff Saturday on Monday, a Refashion and some Knitting oh and a Necklace

It's been kinda slow with the free samples and the survey payouts.  In the last 2 Weeks I've only received $3 from Pinecone.  There was also a small bag of Cheetos that Dh ate. 
2 more weeks of free crap

Trinity's winter hat
Here is Trinity's new winter hat.  I used Aviatrix baby hat by Justine Turner.  I knitted it in the largest size and it fits Gooey great.  I wanted to make sure she had something really warm this year so I used Cascade Cloud 9.  The button is from my button stash and the flower was knit using the same wool I used to make the girls mittens. I plan on making one for Lily too.
skirt refashion

Trinity's newest refashion is this little jean skirt.  I used an old pair of jeans that were starting to get holes in the knees.  Really I should have just patched the holes because she doesn't really like the skirt.  I think the outfit is too high maintenance for her.  She keep having to pull in down and move it around.  I was just trying to find a way for her to wear all the damn leggings my MIL buys her.  While I love leggings on my youngest I don't like them on Gooey....  I think I might just give up on trying to make them work for her and pack them away or refashion them. 
skirt refashion

At least she had a little fun modeling.
skirt refashion

This is my newest listing in the shop.  I'm really into working with these lockets! 
Hoot an Owl Charm and Locket Necklace

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