Saturday, September 25, 2010

Free Stuff Saturday

It's been 3 weeks and I have a good batch of goodies for you to see.  The only thing missing is a packaged of that new Home style Mac & Cheese.  I forgot to grab it when I went out to take pictures yesterday. 


The Elmer's and X-ato stuff is from a bzzkit.  I also earned $6 from Pinecone and cashed in $25 in Amazon codes from Swagbucks.  It's time to start x-mas shopping and I love doing some of it for free! 

I've finely finished those green socks for dh!  yea!  No picture, he's wearing them and at work.  I've started another pair, these will be for x-mas if I can finish on time.  I'm pretty much still working on all the same stuff...I do have to get busy with the girls Halloween costumes.  Trinity is going to be a lime green and turquoise bunny rabbit (she picked the fabric) and Lily is going to be a green pixie.  I have a pattern for the bunny, (Kwik Sew 2711) but for the pixie I think I'm going to design my own.  I'm going to go for more of an artsy look then the tutu style.  I have that tutu and wings that was Trinity's Woodland Fairy costume, but its just not right for Lily.  It's just not her.  I just hope they both turn out well.

I've listed 2 new necklaces along with the batts this week.


This one (Candy) goes really well with this set of batts
This and That Spinning Wool Batts

This is the other one I listed. 

and this one will be listed tomorrowish.

Have a great first weekend of fall!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Almost Back To Normal.

I'm feeling almost normal.  I got sick back before Labor day with some nasty cold/flu that the girls had and am now starting to feel better.  Other the the coughing really really bad at night I'm good to go.  We have a little bit to catch up on.  The only things I've finished are batts and necklaces for the shop.  You can head over there to see the new goodies if you'd like :)  I know I missed out on doing my "free stuff Saturday" last weekend.  I've got some really good stuff to show you!  I'll try to get that up this weekend. 

The kitties are doing great.  Rocket The Space Kitten (that little black one we found when we went for a walk) is going through the crazy kitten part of his development.  He's still cute and full of snuggle but will also attach you feet while you walk by.  He play with Simone a lot.  That's a good thing because she was getting fat.  Mia, Simone, and Rocket get along really well.  Bob (LOK) only really hangs out with Rocket when Rocket is upstairs.  Simone will tolerate Bob and will sleep on Gooey's bed with him.  Mia is still terrorising him but not as much.  I hope they will become friends so Bob will feel welcome.  He still doesn't really come downstairs.

We've made some changes to when we do "School".  Because Lily is so spirited (ie crazy) we have a very hard time working on T's school work.  We used to start in the morning but the last few days we've had "school" in the evening, after Lily has goon to bed.  This has work out soooo much better.  Dh is at work, everything is calm and Trinity can have 100% of my attention.  When I was thinking about switching to evening I had a really hard time wrapping my brain around the idea of not starting school in the morning.  I think I'm over it.  I can just tell how much more Trinity is absorbing, and she is much more of a night person.  This also leaves the days open for activities.   I'm still very happy with her curriculum and she even told me she loved math yesterday. 

I hope everyone has a great day!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Saturday!

I have a lot to show you today :)   First up I carded some batts this week.  I'll show you the 3 that haven't sold yet.
Glow in The Dark This and That Spinning Wool Batts Many Bloody ReturnsThis is a Glow in The Dark This and That Batts called Many Bloody Returns.  You can see them in this super bloody treasury.

Zombie Apocalypse II The Second Coming  This is another set of Glow in The Dark Batts called Zombie Apocalypse II The Second Coming  (Zombie Apocalypse sold yesterday) They are featured here in this extra terrestrial treasury.

November Coming FireThis set of This and That Batts is called November Coming Fire and they are featured in this lovely fall treasury.

I also have a necklace featured here.

Other then the batts I've listed on new necklace this week. 
Holly Locket Necklace
and here is one I forgot to show you.
Poppy a Locket Necklace
Both are ooak.

I've also finished another pair of mittens for Trinity. I used the basic mitten pattern from The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns: Basic Designs in Multiple Sizes & Gauges (Interweave) and Noro Kureyon in color #139.  I also went up a size to the woman small.  They seem to fit much better.  I have another pair for her in color # 102 on the needles.
 Mittens for Trinity

I made another little dress for Lily using this pattern.  The fabric is Robert Kaufman Cool Cords.  I really liked working with the corduroy.  I have some more in solid colors that I plan on making in to pants for Lily. I also made another pair of brown leggings this time longer.  No picture.... 

I've also been dyeing up some fiber for more batts....

Well that's all I've go for you today.  Hope you have a great weekend!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Free Stuff Saturday on Monday, a Refashion and some Knitting oh and a Necklace

It's been kinda slow with the free samples and the survey payouts.  In the last 2 Weeks I've only received $3 from Pinecone.  There was also a small bag of Cheetos that Dh ate. 
2 more weeks of free crap

Trinity's winter hat
Here is Trinity's new winter hat.  I used Aviatrix baby hat by Justine Turner.  I knitted it in the largest size and it fits Gooey great.  I wanted to make sure she had something really warm this year so I used Cascade Cloud 9.  The button is from my button stash and the flower was knit using the same wool I used to make the girls mittens. I plan on making one for Lily too.
skirt refashion

Trinity's newest refashion is this little jean skirt.  I used an old pair of jeans that were starting to get holes in the knees.  Really I should have just patched the holes because she doesn't really like the skirt.  I think the outfit is too high maintenance for her.  She keep having to pull in down and move it around.  I was just trying to find a way for her to wear all the damn leggings my MIL buys her.  While I love leggings on my youngest I don't like them on Gooey....  I think I might just give up on trying to make them work for her and pack them away or refashion them. 
skirt refashion

At least she had a little fun modeling.
skirt refashion

This is my newest listing in the shop.  I'm really into working with these lockets! 
Hoot an Owl Charm and Locket Necklace

Thursday, September 02, 2010

A Refashion for Trinity

It looks like this is going to be the 3rd year that my oldest is a size 7.  She has a tons of clothes.  A few of her favorite pieces are getting worn out or stained so I finally get to work on something for her.   I refashioned this shirt last night.
Refashion for Trinity
The light pink shirt has some small chocolate ice cream stains.  I gave her the choice on how she wanted to cover them out and this is what she choose and she didn't want me to cover up the little silver Old Navy deer.  To make the petals I used and old t-shirt of mine.  I cut then into a wonky four leaf clovers.  To attach then to the shirt I pinched them and then hand tacked them down.   I think I put way to many petals up towards her shoulder but she likes it, so that it how it will stay. 
Refashion for Trinity
Refashion for Trinity

Up next is a jean skirt to go over her leggings made out of old jeans.