Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I made shoes!

Now how cool is that?  These started off as a pair of Old Navy flip flops that I've never worn and an old tank top.  I use this tutorial.  I was super excited when I saw it in an email I received yesterday and even more excited when I realized I had everything I need on hand.  I think they took me less the 30min to make and over night to dry.  I even painted my toe nails for the picture!  I wish that this tutorial would have came out a couple months ago so I'd have time to wear them more. 

Look I made shoes!I haven't really done much crafting or really anything else.  Dh and Lily have been sick.  Joe is just getting over it and is going back to work.  Lily is still pretty sick, she's had a fever the last couple days.  She was up at about 5 this morning so she will be going down for a nap pretty soon and depending on how she is when she wakes up I may take her to the doctor.  Gooey isn't showing any signs of getting sick...She still has the rest of the week of camp and would be crushed if she couldn't go.  I'm feeling fine. 

Squirrel Locket NecklaceI did have the chance to list this new necklace.  This is one of the ones that I have multiples of.  I've made 4 but have the supplies to make 2 more.  I still have a few new necklaces to list....I'll get them up soon.

Well I better go, Lily needs some hugs.

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Laughingrat said...

Ah, those are cute shoes and necklace. It's so crummy that family has been ill, though.