Saturday, August 21, 2010

Free Sample Saturday!

Here are my goodies for the last 2 weeks.  The full size products are from BzzAgent.  The mp3 player was from Napster's facebook page.  I also cashed in $5.80 in Amazon codes from Opinion Outpost and .07 from youdata.  This time I really am going to save my codes :)

Free crap

001Here are a couple more dragons.  I made these for an old friend's children.  Here is the Rav link. These are a bit smaller then the other one I made.   I used Knit Picks Palette from my stash.  I've also finished a pair of mittens for Lily and am working on a pair for Trinity.  I'll get pictures when I'm done. 
Norma JeanHere is another new listing in the shop.  This one I called Norma Jean.  To make it I used mostly vintage parts.  Every thing but the chain and finding are vintage.  The orange disk was once an earring, the flower is new old stock and the rhinestone in the center was from a old bracelet.

Gooey had a great time at camp and is looking forward to next year.  Lily is pretty much back to herself.  Oh Gooey has finely changed the name of the new kitties.  The little back on is now called Rocket and LOK is Bob.  Rocket and Bob, cute.  Rocket has started coming down stairs and playing with Mia and Simone.  Bob not so much.  Simone is fine with him but Mia is still asserting herself. I'll have to get some picture of Rocket and Bob cuddling, it's super cute!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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