Friday, July 09, 2010

Kitties and Yarn

Yea craftyness and kitties :)

BFL in GooeyHere is that BFL all washed up and ready to be listed.  There 5.2 oz, 510 yards at about a sport-heavy dk wt.
Teal Forest Superwash singlesThis was on the bobbin that I used to spin some of the BFL.  This is a super wash single 3oz, 150yards at about a worsted.  This one will also get listed.   Now for the good stuff KITTIES!!!
Lily and LOKHere is Miss. Lily Pie and LOK.  He is doing great, very lovey and getting HUGE!
Lily and KittenMiss Lily Pie and Kitten.  I think this has to be the sweetest kitten ever!   These 2 boy stay upstairs all the time, I wish they'd come down and play with my girl kitties...the girls won't go upstairs anymore.  I really hope everyone becomes friends!

That's all I got today, I've got to get that yarn listed and start my Spinach Pie :)

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