Monday, June 07, 2010


I don't really have anything to show you today.  I did start another shawl, Annis.  I'm using a purple and brown wool/silk blend that I dyed ages ago and never listed because it had a couple of red spots.  I'll take a picture of it tomorrow to show you.  I'm still working on Evenstar but I wanted a shawl I could finish relatively quickly.  I'm participating in the 10 shawls in 2010 challenge over on Ravelry and I've only finished 3. 

Gooey and I have started on sewing her quilt.  We have 3 rows of squares finished.  We are going to work on it again tonight after Lily goes to bed.  Pics tomorrow! 

I've started that other rag rug and finished crocheting the shower curtain.  I'm still making the yarn out of the sheet....I've really dropped the ball on pictures

Nothing new on the neighbors...I haven't really seen them at all. 

We're still having lots of fun on our walks.  We took an extra long one yesterday and found a bunch of these on the trail...


I wasn't a huge Lost fan but I thought this was kinda neat. 

Here's Lily running around last week on one of our walks.


and here she is in mid fall.


We (Gooey and I) are trying to talk DH in to a picnic on the trail next weekend.  I'm not sure if he's game. 

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