Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A Rainy Wednesday

Here are those FOs!

Rag rug
Remember those pillowcases I tea dyed.....well here they are.  I used 5 pillowcases to crochet the rug. It fits perfectly in front of my kitchen sink.  I love how squishy it is! I didn't cut the strips, I nicked the fabric and then tore.  It was super messy but I saved all the little strings that came off the strips to card in to my This And That Batts.  I also didn't sew the strips. I just cut a little slit on each end of the strip and threaded them through each other.  This was a great way to used up the vintage linens that are a little too faded or stained.  I've started making the yarn for another one with a super ugly shower curtain and an 80s south west style sheet. 
Rag rug

I made a couple of little birds for the girls.  I found the pattern on the Spool blog after seeing in on one of the blogs that was participating in the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway.

I also made the girls a couple of owls.  I love owls so much my next tattoo will be of an owl (my gift for myself for quitting smoking this spring) Any who. I won the pattern during SMS Giveaway day from It's a Wonderful Life.  She has a super cute etsy shop here

Have I ever told you how much I love love Amazon?  I ordered diapers from them last week and they got lost, UPS delivered them to the wrong house.  I thought I was going to be out the $$ because I used a visa gift card and UPS said they were delivered.  Well to my surprise Amazon replaced the diapers and sent them FedEx overnight.  That is some great service!

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Carmen Rigby said...

Thank you Cortney! Your fabric choices are phenomenal. I know your little owls are going to get lots of squishy hugs!! :D