Thursday, June 10, 2010

I love saving money!

I signed up for one of those coupon match up emails and OMG I love it!  This one is as local as I can get for me.  I went to Target the other day and got over $30 worth of stuff for less then $10.  Thank include 3 pairs of pants and a onesie for Lily, 2 LPS toys for Trinity (one for her birthday and one for x-mas), a tub of Pamper wipes, and a bottle of Oil of Olay body wash.  I would have spent less, but I couldn't pass up the pants and the onesie (they were $1 each).  Yesterday I sent Joe to Meijers with 26 coupons.  We saved a ton and got stuff for free because the way the coupons worked out with sale items.  I just think this is sooo cool.  Couponing isn't new to me, I've used them for years, but never like this.  

This experience has made me want to share some of my other money saving/money making tips and learn some of yours. 

I do some of the basics to save money: Thrift storing, making some of the girls clothing, couponing, not using the air conditioner this year, and hanging the laundry out to dry instead of using the dryer. It hasn't really been warm enough for air yet, but I have seen a big difference in the gas bill not using the dryer.  (I've had to use it a couple times to dry fabric) 

I also sign up for every free sample I can find.  If you check out Walmart they always have samples. I also liked a couple paged on Facebook that post samples and the match up emails sometimes post them. 

I'm also a Bzzagent.  As a Bzzagent I get to try out new products (full size) and if I like them I tell my friends about them.  After I tell someone about the product I fill out a super quick form.  For doing that I get MyPoints.  I love love love love Mypoints!!!  You get points for reading emails (just click on the link), surveys, and for shopping online (as long as you go through the Mypoints site).  After you get enough points you can trade them in for gift cards.  So far I've redeemed over 27,000 points, that about $160 in gift cards over the last 2 years.  I know that not a ton of money but it's free.  I spend maybe 1 hour a week doing Mypoints (depending on how many surveys I qualify for, sometimes it can be more).

I also do Pinecone Research.  They give you $3 (pay pal or check) for every survey you qualify for and I've tryed out some products that haven't come to market yet.  You can't talk about what you try, but that's ok.  You don't get a lot of surveys, maybe 1 or 2 paid ones a month.  They also send short surveys to qualify you for the paid ones, but they only take 5min or so.  Depending on how many surveys I get, I spend maybe 20min to an hour a month on this.

The only other survey site I do is Opinion Outpost.  This is another one I really love.  They pay you in Amazon codes or a check.  You need at least $5 to get either but it doesn't take long to get that.  I've made $91.70 in Amazon codes in about a year.  I spend the most time doing this one, sometimes the survey are really long, but you get more points for those. 

I hear Swagbucks is good.  I'm signed up but don't really do much.  You get points for searching the web and shopping.  I should use this one more, other people seem to love it. 

Now you can't really make a living doing this stuff, but for a couple hours a month you can earn a little extra money. 

Do you have any tips?  I'd love to hear them!!


Minty Fresh said...

Thanks for the great suggestions!

I use Survey Savvy:

and Epoll

Both send you surveys to fill out. Survey Savvy pays cash and Epoll gives you points which you redeem for gift cards from major retailers such as Amazon, iTunes, etc!

merlinthecat said...

Thank you for the tips Minty! I'm going to check those out :)