Saturday, June 26, 2010

Follow up to the I love saving money post

I wanted to follow up with my I love saving money post and tell you about some of the cool free stuff I got in the mail and the $$ I earned during surveys over the last couple weeks.  I cashed in $18.70 worth of Amazon codes from Opinion Outpost and $5 from Swagbucks.  Both of those I sold to my sister to take care of the kitty.  I also had a total of $9 sent to my paypal for payment for surveys from Pinecone and a new product to try (I can't talk about that one).  I've also had $2.01 sent to my paypal from Youdata for clicking ads.  Youdata is a new one I found, all you do is click on ads.  There doesn't seem to be a lot of them but it was quick and easy to do.   

Free stuff I've got in the mail the last 2 weeks

I also go these goodies in the mail.  A full size Gillette Fusion Proglide razer, 2 Breathe Right Extra strips, A Bounty paper towel sheet, a Luvs diaper, and a $10 gift card to Target.  The gift card was from my bank, they do a points thing, for every $ you spend you get a point.   I find out about the free samples from Free Samples and Free Stuff Finder on facebook.  As I get more goodies I'll share them with you.  I hope every one has a wonderful weekend, and I hope I finish that shawl!

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Batty said...

Cool, I love free stuff!