Friday, June 25, 2010

Another LOK Post

Little Orange Kitty got a clean bill of health from the vet.  The thing on his neck was gone yesterday and his eye has been clear for 2 days now.  The vet wants me to keep and eye on them both and to bring him back if they flair up again.  He seems like he's enjoy his new home.  We left him in the bathroom last night and I let him out to play upstairs.  The other 2 kitty stay downstairs most of the day so this will give LOK a chance to figure stuff out up there.   I want to take it kinda slow.  I don't need him getting stressed out and peeing everywhere.  Speaking of pee, I gave him a dry bath and that kinda helped but he still kinda smells.  Does anyone have and ideas, I can't give him a real bath for another 9 days......

LOK in the yarn room

Thank you again for every ones kind words and help with LOK (I think Little Orange Kitty is going to be his name, I like Charlie, but no one else here does)   Have a wonderful day!

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