Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And Her Name Is Suzie

Trinity Sewing on Suzie Yea! We got her up and running after just a bit of drama. I did end up having her threaded and the needle in the right way. We took her apart and oiled her really well, she's loud but runs very smooth. She can still a bit temperamental at times, but we are getting more good stitches then bad. I did misplace a bolt so we had to run out and get another one this morning before Gooey could use it. She seems to really like her and is planning her first quilt.....

top stitches on Suzie Here is the straight stitch top side. (she does a zig zag too, but I haven't tried that yet)

Bottom of Stitches on Suzie Here is the back side of the straight stitch...kinda like a crochet chain.

Thank you for everyone who tried to help!

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WendyCarole said...

glad to hear you got Susie to work. The toy machines
that were around when I was young had a chain stitch back. You had to make sure that you fastened off otherwise it all pulled undone like bought skirt hems do when you pull a hanging thread