Saturday, April 10, 2010

How Dare They Take Away Burger King...

This post is mostly my reactions to the reactions to this story that aired on the NBC Nightly News Apr. 8. I don't know how to post the video here but the link will take you there. Oh and by the way my BIL who is in Afghanistan is shown twice eating. Anyway, I pointed this little clip out to my SIL over on facebook because, well I thought it was funny, my BIL on the news and all. Well my husband and his family started talking about how it's so horrible that the military is pulling all the fast food out of Afghanistan and I'm sure as hell not going to post what I think over there and reinforce what a evil person I am and all. Not that I care, I just don't feel like going there with them.

Now on to my point. Why in the hell is there fast food joints in a war zone? It's a WAR not the fucking mall. Yeah, yeah, taste of home yada yada yada, have your mommy bake you some cookies and send them. There are much better things that the government could be providing for our troops, like more pay, better armor, etc. Yes I know that they need to pay for their own food, but someone has to ship the Whoppers, and that takes space that could be used for somthing a bit more important in fighting the war and I don't think FED EX delivers there. I'm not anti military so don't get the wrong idea and get your panties in a bunch, but doesn't this just reinforce what other countries think of our gluttonous society?

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Laughingrat said...

Hey, I hear you.

It's frustrating that you have to protest that you don't hate our troops when what you're posting is, in fact, pro-troops. You want the best for them, and Burger King is not it. Body armor, pay, and better care--that's what's best for our troops.