Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Chocolate Covered Bacon...

Is oh so good. No I'm not kidding. Last night both dh and I wanted a candy bar, then it turned into cake. But neither one of us was going to drive to the store at 1am. That's when chocolate covered bacon was born. Now this is not my original idea. I've had a bacon candy bar before and it was soooo yummy. Anyway we fried up the bacon, melted some chocolate, added some chili pepper, dipped the bacon, and there you have it bacon covered in chocolate. We only had chocolate chips on hand so they didn't really re harden so next time we're going to try a different kind of chocolate, and oh yes there will be a next time!

I finished Birch #2
Birch #2

and am working on the Sweet Lily Shawl. I'm not really sure how I feel about this pattern yet. I mean I like how it's turning out, it's just weird to knit...maybe it's the short rows and it not mindless like Birch was.
Sweet Lily Shawl

And I'm crocheting Trinity a blanket. This is me trying to use up random balls of acrylic and novelty yarn. Trinity loves it and can't wait for it to be finished. I think it's kinda ugly. Ugly Ripple Afghan for Trinity

I haven't really listed anything in the shops this week. I've been lazy and I'm trying to sell down. There is over 200 items in one. I still have to move some of the vintage goodies in to the This and That shop and I've been thinking about carding some more batts. I really need to unload some of my fiber and destashing it hasn't seemed to work. But first I have to clean my carder....not fun.

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Batty said...

If I ever get chocolate-covered bacon, you can have mine. It's OK, I won't be greedy.

I actually really like the Trinity blanket. It's fun and crazy-colored, which is a fabulous trait in a blanket. Then again, I've been wanting to knit socks with a Fun Fur cuff for some reason, so maybe I'm no arbiter of good taste. Or at least not a... reasonable one.