Friday, January 22, 2010

Lots and Lots of stuff!

mmm where to start? How about some super cool necklaces I made for the shop!

This is Miranda

and this is Ava.


Both of them were made with almost all salvaged parts, only the bird and flower bead and the leaf charm on Miranda are new. If you want click on the pics and they will take you to flickr and you can see what it looks like on. I've also have made some smaller necklaces and a few hair pin sets that still need to be listed.

I've also been knitting again, alot, here are some of my WIP
Man socks for Joe
Man socks
A set of Felted Gnomes for Baby Grant
Bubbies for the girls for V-day
an other Birch
Lime Birch
and this is the yarn I dyed for Evenstar
Yarn for Evenstar

I donated the red Birch and a necklace to a silent auction to a benefit to raise money for the people of Haiti. Before you get the pitch forks out I emailed Sharon Miller and made sure it was ok. The benefit was last night and I'm not sure how much money they made. The benefit was given by and old friend who's family is from Haiti and run a couple of dental clinics there. They also have a sheep farm :) or at least they did, so you know that makes them super cool, so if you haven't had a chance to donate this is a wonderful place to do so! There are also a couple of shops on etsy that are donating money to Doctor's Without Borders, Hearts for Haiti and Craft Hope. I donated a necklace to Hearts for Haiti and it sold the same day! Check them out, both shops are pretty cool!

I think that's all I got for now!

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