Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yarn, Fabric, and Buttons!

015Here is the Handspun that I put in the shop last week. 2 of them are new. The green one on the far left is Romney dyed by Flawful Fibers. The yellowish one on the far right was dyed by Sunset fibers and is Merino. The rest is older stock that was never listed. I also have 2 skeins of Bamboo Blend Sock to list....I was holding on to them, but I have soooo much sock yarn I don't know when I'll ever use it. I'll list them later this week.

Butter Cup Bag This is The Buttercup Bag. It is a free pattern that you can find here I really like this pattern and plan on making some for gifts! This was my first bag and the first time I've used pleats.

Trinity's new dress I made this dress yesterday. It is New Look 6908. I've had the pieces cut for a few weeks now and have been putting it off. I really like how it turned out. The ruffle was a PITA. What saved me was The Sewing Book By Alison Smith (now blogger works) This book is super sweet! I'm super new to sewing and it is just packed with tons of great color picture and even some cute patterns. I'm sure this will be my go to when I need some sewing help!
Playing with buttons againI've been playing in the button box again.....I made a bunch of my button hair pins for the shop. I'm only listing in the yarn was kinda a pain to have 2. I've also been listing some fun vintage stuff perfect for altered art and stuff.

I've been knitting too! I'm working on the edging of my shawl and am hoping to have it done by next week so I can start working on Mystic Roses again. No pictures,'s all rainy and dark today. Well I think that's it....oh the kids are great, DH likes his new job, and nothing has broken this all is good! I know I keep saying this....but I'm going to try to blog more!

Monday, June 08, 2009

The Golden Turd is home!

The Golden Turd

Cost $590 We had $600! I want to say Thank you to Batty, Janet, and my sister Colleen for visting the shop! With out you The Turd would not be home!!!

Now that the drama is over we will get back to crafting!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Another Lovely Week

Both are cars are dead. The Golden Turd died a few weeks ago, were not real sure whats wrong with it, it's in the shop but is looking like it's going to cost more then we have. The Blue Ghost got hurt on Thur. Something with a transmission's sitting in the driveway bleeding to death as we speak. We are 1000 miles over warranty, nice huh. Dh started a new job about a week ago. As you know the car business was a little slow...He's selling Kirby now and needs a car to do it. They go to peoples homes and demos them. This is just alittle of the drama that is going on in my house....Anyway I've updated the shop with some more things. I'd love you forever if you go and check it out...if you don't see anything you like maybe you have a friend that does. Every dollar will go to help pay to fix the cars and maybe get some food for the week. I'm putting a paypal button in....Just in case. Thank you :)