Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Fun with Feather and more on Lily's hips

Well not that I'm not completely freaking out I can think more clearly about what to to with Lily and her hip "problem". We are going to take the x-ray to the ped when we take her in to her well baby check up and see if we can get a referral to another doctor. We will go see the surgeon whenever they call up for the appt and then we will go from there. What is really upsetting is that her doctor said her hip were "normal" just a few months ago, he was either wrong that time or this time. There is still time to "fix" her without cutting her open and casting her, we just need to find someone to do it. I know your going to say that babies are resilient and all that stuff but you don't know Lily. I think restricting her for 3+ month would break her. This kid is so unbelievability hight maintenance it's not even funny. For now it's wait and see as she learns how to walk and run, which she is starting to do fine with no problems at all.

Ok no time for fun with feathers...

So I have a ton of feathers left from Trinity's bird custome and late one night I started playing with them along with my vintage button stash....this is what I got!


I really love them!

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