Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Sale

Black Friday-Cyber Monday 10% Off EVERYTHING (no discount on shipping) and a free gift with any order over $25. (excluding shipping). I will start marking down prices on Thr!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Bling

I haven't really been doing anything but making jewelry for the shop. I'm knitting another pair of Dashings for a friend, but no pictures :)

Here are my new goodies. Don't worry I still love the yarn, but right now this is so fun!


Friday, November 13, 2009

Look what I made

I'm really really love these...


you can find them all in the shop.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And The Winner Is

Jean of Jean May Originals. Check out her shop she has some super cute crochet accessories, home decor and beaded jewelry! And she's offering free US shipping!

Thank you everyone who entered!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Finished Dolls

Yea I finished the dolls. I ended up making Trinity one too, she pick out all her fabric by herself. For both dolls I used vintage sheet fat quarters for the head and limbs. The muzzle is sheet also. The bodies and dresses are made from as scrap bag I won from Sew Mamma Sew. I used Violet by Bit of Whimsy Dolls. I really enjoyed the pattern. It was well written and easy to follow! I will be working with them again!
The Girls rag dolls The orange one is Trinity's, the white one is Lily's.

This time last year I'd be in labor with Lily, in a few hours my little baby is turning 1 :)

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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Fun with Feather and more on Lily's hips

Well not that I'm not completely freaking out I can think more clearly about what to to with Lily and her hip "problem". We are going to take the x-ray to the ped when we take her in to her well baby check up and see if we can get a referral to another doctor. We will go see the surgeon whenever they call up for the appt and then we will go from there. What is really upsetting is that her doctor said her hip were "normal" just a few months ago, he was either wrong that time or this time. There is still time to "fix" her without cutting her open and casting her, we just need to find someone to do it. I know your going to say that babies are resilient and all that stuff but you don't know Lily. I think restricting her for 3+ month would break her. This kid is so unbelievability hight maintenance it's not even funny. For now it's wait and see as she learns how to walk and run, which she is starting to do fine with no problems at all.

Ok no time for fun with feathers...

So I have a ton of feathers left from Trinity's bird custome and late one night I started playing with them along with my vintage button stash....this is what I got!


I really love them!

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Monday, November 02, 2009

Another Give-away and Lily's hips

You could win this!

Let get started with the Give-away! I want to kick of 1 special persons holiday shopping or you could just keep it for yourself!

The beautiful necklace was made by my friend, SoVeryCharming. This is a wonderful example of up-cycling. The 18in glass beaded chain was a thrift store find. The frame pendent was part of another broken necklace. She added a lovely picture of two angels to the frame. The pendent also has an angel cut out on the back. The necklace will come boxed and ready to give!

Here are the rules:

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The give-away is open to everyone and will end Monday Nov 9th at 12:00am est.

Lily's hip update.

Well we went in for her 1 year check up on her hips. A little background for any new readers. My youngest Lily was diagnosed with hip dysplasia a day after birth, so almost a year now. She was harnessed for the better part of 5ish months off and on. The harnesses was not my friend. Well at her last appointment we were given the all clear and that her hips are "normal". I was so happy to be done with it! Well, we went in this morning and now 1 of her hips are normal the other is not. There is something called a Acetabular Index, her right hip is at 25%, normal for her age, her left hip is at 35%, Moderately Pathological. Really I have no clue what this means all I do know is they now want us to see a surgeon now. I very likely will refuse any more treatment because the changes of her having to go through many surgeries and months and months of wearing a cast from her belly to her toes is very high. Also the surgeries may do nothing or make it worse. But anyway.....

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Gnomey Lily!

Gnomey Lily

I finished Lily's costume yesterday. She didn't go out trick or treating, so pretty much it was just for this picture...well she'll still wear everything. The hat and socks were knit out of Yarn
Knit Picks Ambrosia Petal from my stash. It is 80% baby alpaca and 20% cashmere, I got it on sale when right before the discontinued it. The hat pattern you can find here, Ravelry page here. The socks I just made up as I went and made them with a super pointy toe. The apron was made out of vintage sheets and a doily. I used this pattern by leila and ben. I LOVE their patterns! The apron is a bit big on her, but that's ok. It will last her a long time!

Trinity's bird costume was a huge hit. Joe said everyone loved it and gave her extra candy. She did come home with a ton!

I finished one of Lily's birthday gifts.
Lily's birthday gnomes
Gnomes!!! I love gnomes. They are knit and then felted using some scraps from the stash. I used this pattern from Crafty Alien. I love they way they came out! I also plan on sewing her a rag doll from one of the patterns in this shop. I'm not sure what one yet, and I'm waiting on some $$ for a couple custom things I made. Her birthday is on Thr so I have a little time. Speaking of her birthday, we went to Target yesterday. Lily need a pair of shoes and I wanted to pick up a few things for her birthday. I ended up finding her a super cute winter coat and an outfit and some toy I know she will love. But I feel dirty, like I want to take it back, not because of money or anything like that, I just think handmade stuff is so much better. I wish I would have just put all them money I was saving for her birthday gifts in the bank and bought something nice off of etsy. If I had more time, that is what I would do. Oh well there is always Christmas.

Stay tuned tomorrow I will be hosting another give-away to kick off the holiday shopping season. And those of you who have been following me for awile, Lily has her 1 year hip check tomorrow morning.