Monday, October 19, 2009

odds and ends

Ohh Look what I got yesterday! This super cool sewing table that belonged to my husbands late grandmother. She need a good cleaning, but other then that I'm going to leave her the way she is! I was also gifted some vintage linens and other vintage goodies, mostly kitchen stuff!
I've been busy with the shops. I was featured yesterday in the Handmade News. That's one of my new hair pins. Here are a couple more.

Deco Hair Pin This is Deco. I used a vintage earring that my friend Krissy gave me with a bag of goodies.
Fly away A hair pinThis one is Fly Away. I used a vintage wing bead thingy and 2 vintage buttons. The clear one is glass. I think these are my favorites off all the hairs I've made to date! I've also been listing Wash/Dishcloth and Scrubbie Gift sets. Here is one...

Dish/Wash Cloth and Scrubbie Set
I found those cute kraft paper tags here. Check out her shop, her service is wonderful!

I won a blog Give-away that was hosted by SewArtsy. I won this cute little set by Penelope Designs - Wearable Art for Everyone. You can find her blog here.

BTW don't for get to enter my Give Away! It ends tomorrow at 12am est!

Did I ever blog about my cat nip? Anyway, check out daizyed shop over on etsy. She made cat toys using my nip and is giving 10% of the sale to the “No Pets Left Behind” pet rescue in the Omaha area and 10% to Heifer International. You can't go wrong, you arehelping rescue critters, helping a family make a living, and spoiling your kitty!

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Allison said...

Very cool pins!