Thursday, October 08, 2009

More Handmade Gifts...

Kath if you are, for some reason reading this, close the window NOW...

Ok gifts in a second, I want to show you something. But first a little back story.. My husband now sells Kirby, you know the vacuums. To sell them he goes to someones home and does a demo. Well last week he was in a home of a knitter and they got to talking about me. She gave this pile of goodies for to my husband to give to me. (and she bought a vacuum too)

003 Look at that pile of yummyness! This is one of the nicest things a stranger has ever done for me. I will use every last bit and think of her when I do.

Gift time. These are all for Kath for her birthday next month.

Wristwarmers for Kath's b-day A pair of wrist warmers with vintage buttons. (they are mermaid pearls if your wondering) I used I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby for easy care.
Slippers for Kaths B-day A pair of slippers from this pattern that I found on etsy. I added the staps and the flowers. I used dish cloth cotton.
Kath's b-day purse and I made this cute bag also. Pattern here by Ali Foster Her patterns are super easy with tons of pictures. It took me longer to cut the fabric then it did to sew the thing. I've also made this one but I can't show you that yet.

Let's see what's else has been going on....The Conture died again, it was just the battery, so that was an easy fix. I've been working mostly on things for the shop. I have tons of goodies photographed and ready to list, and I have tons of stuff I need to get pictures of. I will be well stocked for holiday new yarn, I'm hoping soon. I need to find a base I want to use and I'm still working on that.

Lily is 11mo this week.

I've been cutting a ton of quilt squares from vintage sheets and pillow cases....

I think that's about it....I really am going to try to blog more, really I know I've been say thing for almost a year...blame it on the Lily Pie :)
Oh I'm working on the wristwarmer will be up soon!

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Batty said...

What a great gift! I love knitters, so generous.

That clutch is adorable. And you're getting so much done, particularly with an 11 month old!