Monday, September 28, 2009

The Baby Shower

The baby shower I've been working on was yesterday and now I can show you all the stuff I made...lots of picture coming!
005 I finished this the night before. Trinity picked everything out and it was her idea, I just handsewed the birdies and tied the knots. I this was their fav gift from us. I think I'll be making more of these for the etsy shop!
001 Not part of the gift, but made for them...I hate hedgehogs.
006 Again not part of the gift but made for them, these critters are for the mobile
Favors for Kath's shower. This was the favor bag. Dh made the soap, I made the rest. There were 21 of these.
Gift bag for Kath's gift I didn't have any $$ to get a gift I made one, it can be reused as a tote bag.
burp cloths Birp cloths.
mamma and baby owl Hey look more owls!
001 Crocheted blanket.
bibs for Kath's baby Bibs
The last of the shower giftsand hat and baby socks.

I'm happy with the way everything turned out and everyone seemed to have fun at the shower...It's wierd having it all done...I guess I need another big project. Oh I know, I can get the shop ready for the holidays.....I think I'm going to take today off....


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness that's huge! Last time I did an investment-in-party crafty thing it got around and everyone I know started asking me to organize their 40th birthday/wedding/baby shower. I just can't keep it up. But nothing I've ever done matches how much you've poured into this one. Your friend must feel loved.x

annamae said...

just found your blog and had to say I love all the darling things you made! I've done a few showers this summer, all wedding which was fun but am currently in the process of putting together my little sister's baby shower which is also a woodsy animal theme. I've been making things to decorate with and double as her gifts as well.
anyway, darling stuff! I'm sure your friend was blown away by it all :D