Monday, August 10, 2009

Back To School

This was not the blog post I was planning on. I was going to show you all the neat stuff I've been working on and tell you about the girls. But I've been thinking about why I'm going to homeschool Trinity. I've gone back and forth about sending her to "real" school this year. She'd make friends, I'd have time to do things around the house, time to spend 1 on 1 with Lily, the list could go on. But yesterday I came to the realization of why I'm going to keep her home for now, not because the Lansing school district sucks or not because of religions issues. I don't do religion, but that for another time. I guess I should start off with a little story. My neighbors' great granddaughters were over yesterday, they are just a couple years older then Trinity, nice girls. We they came over to say hi to Trinity and the older one, who I think is going in to 3rd grade was telling Trinity about how she was so happy about putting her Twilight posters up in her room. Something just clicked, what the fuck is this 8 year old girl doing watching/reading Twilight? Does she really need to know about hot sparkly vampire sex and vampire babies. I loved reading the Twilight books, they sucked me in! But I'm 32, not 8. At 8 I was reading the Bobbsey Twins and Sweet Valley Twins and going to the frog pond to build a fort and check out some frogs. Kids need to be kids. They need to be allowed to enjoy their childhood and keep their innocence as long as possible. I don't want Trinity to be around things like Twilight yet. I want here to believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny, I want her to think there is real magic in the world. I don't want her to be exposed to things that she's not ready for yet. So that is why I'm homeschooling her. Rant over....crafty goodness coming soon!

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Batty said...


Yeah, at 32, you know that a boyfriend who shorts out your car "for your own good" and sneaks in your bedroom window to watch you sleep gets a restraining order, not a swoon and a "he's so romantic"! These books are dangerous for teenagers who don't know the difference. But 8? That's way scary.