Saturday, June 06, 2009

Another Lovely Week

Both are cars are dead. The Golden Turd died a few weeks ago, were not real sure whats wrong with it, it's in the shop but is looking like it's going to cost more then we have. The Blue Ghost got hurt on Thur. Something with a transmission's sitting in the driveway bleeding to death as we speak. We are 1000 miles over warranty, nice huh. Dh started a new job about a week ago. As you know the car business was a little slow...He's selling Kirby now and needs a car to do it. They go to peoples homes and demos them. This is just alittle of the drama that is going on in my house....Anyway I've updated the shop with some more things. I'd love you forever if you go and check it out...if you don't see anything you like maybe you have a friend that does. Every dollar will go to help pay to fix the cars and maybe get some food for the week. I'm putting a paypal button in....Just in case. Thank you :)

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Batty said...

Ugh, both cars dead? That's awful!

Just went and bought some yarn... it's the name. How can I resist something called Astro Zombies???