Tuesday, May 05, 2009

6 Months of Lily Pie


013014Lily is 6 months old today. And man has it bet one hell of a ride. Up until a little over a week ago Lily couldn't sleep unless she was on me or next to me. Now she takes all of her naps in her crib and I get to sleep at night. wooohooo! She has started cereal and fruits but so far only likes pears. We are only doing one meal of solids right now, lunch. She still love the boobies and will not take a sippy cup or a bottle. She doesn't like the pacifier anymore. She loves to roll around on the floor and play in her exersaucer. She likes to play in Trinity's old one upstairs wile I spin. She loves to look at trees when she goes for walks. She loves the cats and the dogs. Her hips are "normal". We got the U/S back, one is 59.something the other is at 58.something. 60 is normal. Here is a little secret...She only had her harness on for the 1st week. My gut told me not to put it on her, that and I hated the thing with ever fiber in my stash. Well I guess I'm lucky it worked out well. I'm so happy to have her off of me. I sat on the couch for about 6m now I can do stuff. I've only left the house without her 3 times and all 3 end with Joe freaking out. I'm hoping now I can do stuff again. I've made friends with the treadmill again and I'm feeling soooo much better.

Let's see, it's been a couple weeks. Well, as you know I'm pissed off about Chrysler. Dh sells Chrysler and well bankruptcy isn't really good for sales and well, I like paying my bills and eating. I know I voted for Obama and McCain is no better and my heart bleeds rainbows but I really don't like the direction this country is going. Can we say Socialism? Hmmm the government runs our banks and the car companies...and we are paying for it. I think that the government is prolonging this recession and trying to scare us with swine flu. Nothing like a pandemic to keep us home and not spending right? I guess that's good for my WIP. OHHH nice transition.

005006I've really only been working on my shawls. I frogged my green Mystic Roses and restarted in a different yarn. This time I'm using Yarntopia Treasures 10/2 Tencel in Antique Rose. I'm still only on the first clue.

007008I'm also plugging away at my Springtime Swirl shawl. I'm working on clue 5 of 7, clue 6 comes out tomorrow. I'm a bit behind but not by much.

I'm also signed up for Mystic Air and Goddess Knit's Anniversary Shawl. Yes I know I'm nuts. And according to the neighbors I'm a bitch too, but that's a story for another time.

002003I've been spinning too. I'll give the specs after they've been plied.

Well this post is getting long...I share an etsy shop next time. The baby is napping and I have a date with the treadmill.


Ruth said...

The green shawl is just delicious ... it looks to be almost the same color as the walls in Lily's room!

Glad you got continued good news about her hips. Very sorry about Chrysler ... things are scary out there.

ali said...

She is just so friggin cute! I hope you are able to more time for yourself soon, you must be going a little crazy!

I am jealous of all the knitting you are doing. I have barely touched mine the last few months. Yes thanks to Americans prefering to drive foreign vehicles I have been stuck working full time and I hate it. I don't think Roy carried the guilt of not being at home with Christopher like I do. Hopefully he will find something in the next month or so, but who knows...

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