Thursday, April 16, 2009

Things that are fuzzy

Simone I would like you to meet Simone. Simone came to live with us yesterday. Mia's been very sad since Little B died so we thought it was about time to get her a friend. She came from Ingham Co Animal Control and was a stray. She is a little over a year old and is fixed and has all her shots. I really didn't want to do the kitten thing again. Simone is sweet and easy going. She's doing well with the dogs and Mia is warming up to her. I hope they can become good friends! I let dh pick her out, I think he did a great job. Yesterday was his b-day and he took the day off to go to that tea party thing, not sure what's up with that, but whatever.
135 Here is my Springtime Swirl Shawl I'm using Jojoland Harmony in color C10. This picture was taken after clue 2, I have clue 3 finished. I'm still working on Mystic Roses but it really doesn't look much different so no pic for now.
133 This is Ensnared a test knit that I worked on. I soooo love this pattern and the yarn together. I'm using STR in Dragon Dance. I'm also working on some other test knitting, but I can't talk about that yet.
my sisters puppy This is Conan my sisters new puppy. isn't he just cute!
004 LILY PIE!!!! She has 2 teeth now!
test 003 Here are some little birds that I made for Gooey. I plan on making more soon!
002 Hey look it's Maggie...
084and Zara!

Time to talk about and Etsy shop. Today I'm going to go with Tactile Baby were I bought this rolling sheepy for Lily. If your looking for well made cute baby toys you need to check this shop out. The service was wonderful, shipping was fast and the product was great!

Ok that's all I've got for now!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

It's bloggy blog time

001 I finished the bowling set for Lily. I think it turned out really cute, I hope she enjoys it!
006Here is little purse I finished last week. You can find the pattern here. I used Vanna's Choice in Fern. I really like this yarn for crochet and thing I'm going to start to use it more for my little toys and such. The button I made with Fimo, it is the first bird I made so it's a little jacked up. But I think it's cute. I plan on making some more for the shop. Oh I even lined the bag. I did it all by hand... I like how this came out and I think I will be making some more.

I haven't touched my Mystic Roses in a few days. I did finish clue 1. I have a couple things to finish for the girls easter baskets and then I'll pick it up again. I also have the first clue for Springtime Swirl that came out this morning.... I also need to pick up the Dashing and get them done. Oh and there's the yarn I'm spinning.

I have a very cool Etsy shop for you! Cyberoptix TieLab I order this tie for DH for his birthday. It's super sweet and the customer service was great! And they are in Michigan. If your ever in the market for a super cool tie go check them out!


Here is a little Lily Pie. She turned 5mo this week. I can't believe it's been that long already. She has cut her first tooth. We had no clue it was coming, but once it got here she got a little fussy for a couple of days. Now she's back to normal, well normal for her :) She is a mommy's girl all the way...I have a really hard getting things done sometimes...she wants me and only me pretty much all the time. We had her final U/S on her hips yesterday to make sure the are ok. The tech said they looked fine. She is doing great! She is still breast feeding and we've been trying rice cereal. It's been going so, so. I don't thing she is ready yet so we will try again at the end of the week.

Let see...oh the TV broke last night. Last week it was the washer, this week the TV, I'm really loving how things just break around here. In the almost 7 years we've been here we've had 2 stoves and are going on the 3rd (the 2nd one broke about a year ago and we have been using a toater oven, not a bad thing, it works very well, just sucks for baking cookies and well hosting dinner) We've had 3 DVD players and need a new one, #3 broke awile ago but we have a cheapie we've been using. We've had a couple of microwaves, a few toasters, and coffee makers, printers, the washer and then the TV. Lily's swing stopped working in there too. Oh and the computer, I did finely get all my files (knitting patterns) off of it so i'm not too broken up abou that. Anyway my point is we're cursed or something. Sigh. Well I have some little birdies to finish....

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Where to Start?

HMMM ok let's start with the knitting and such.

004 Here is the 1st pair of Dashings finished. Only 4 more to go.
003 My Mystic Roses shawl. I'm almost finished with the 1st clue. The 3rd one comes out tomorrow. I need to get knitting on this more!
005 This is 13 Colorful Animal Bowling from Amigurumi Collection Vol. 3 for Lily's easter basket.
006 See I've been spinning :) this is going to be some sock yarn for the shop when it's finished.

I haven't worked on the black socks but have co for the other leaf sock...I've only worked 2 rows on it....but atleast it's on the needles. I plan on starting another shawl KAL this month.
001Remember when I told you guys I got a facebook page...Well I've been talking to friends from high school and stuff. Well on of my friends who I remember being super crafty in high school, she use to do needle work in class, has an etsy shop with some super cute things. Above is a picture of some plushie I ordered for the girls. Hey and she knits too! WhoooHooo another real life knitter friend! You can find her rav page here and her blog here. She makes me want to start to sew again, not that I really knew how to do it in the first place....must not start must not start...the last thing I need is a fabric stash....

Let's see what's else has been going washer broke that sucked, we found a nice used on on craigslist. We have a thing with appliances, they like to break. We still need to get a new stove, it will be our 3rd in less then 7 years and the washer was about 6yo. I'm not mean to them really. We've been without the stove for awile and have been using a toster oven. It works well but I can't really bake in it. It take all day to make cookies.

The dogs are good, the cat is on my death list, not really, but I'm not too happy with her right now. Ever since I've cleaned my office she's taken to playing with every ball, hank, and skein of yarn she can get her little paws on. When the room was a mess I could leave yarn all over the place and she would'nt even look at it. Damn cat. oh well, guess I'll just have to put all my yarn away. The kids are good, Lily is going to 5mo this month and has cut her first tooth. I'll get some pictures of the girls and we can talk about them more in the next post.