Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On The Needles

009 I finished one of the Embossed Leaves I have not cast on the 2nd sock because I was going to do Sock Madness. I didn't end up casting on for it. I just didn't like the 1st pattern and felt like if I tryed to power knit it I'd burn myself out and wouldn't want to knit socks for awile. I have to say after I've seen the pattern finished by other people that it is growing one me. I'm still working on dh's black socks, nothing worth taking a picture at this point.

010 Here we have some Dashings I'm going to make atleast 4 pairs of these. The story behind that is that a long long long time ago I made my FIL a pair of wrist warmers. He uses them for hunting and loves them. He asked me to make some for his hunting buddies and because I'm such a wonderful DIL I said yes and well he paid for the yarn. He asked for 4 but I think I may have plenty of yarn to make him an extra pair for himself. I'm using KP WOTA in Amber Heather. I really like the color...I wonder if I will after 4 more pairs. The pattern is super easy and quick and I have till Nov to finish them :)
011My Mystic Roses Shawl I'm using Kaalund Yarns Expressions in Moss. It's a heavy lace wt made of 100% mohair. This is the yarn that I tryed to make in to another shawl last year sometime and Zara keep eating it...I had 4 skeins and I hope that most of them are still there, (she only messed with 1 or 2 of them) This shawl is going to be huge and I'll need every yard I've got. I really like how this is knitting up and it's going to look just beautiful after it's blocked. It kinda looks like fuzzy cat barf right now. Clue 1 is going pretty slow, there is a ton of tiny little cables.

I haven't touched to huge green lacey scarf....I need to rip back and get to the point where I messed it up. I plan on making some little stuffies for the girls easter basket this week...Not sure what yet. I'm thinking something from Saplanet on etsy. I have a couple that I've made for Gooey so I don't know if I'll get a new pattern and make them the same thing or use the one that I have made yet. Anyway her patterns are really great and you should check them out!

Do you remember my Boyfriend fleece?
Last years coopworth

That super sweet Coopworth that I got a couple a years ago and then the next year...Well last month I was able to buy all 10.5 lbs of this sheeps' fleece again and in June if the $$ is there I'll be buying his fleece again.. I love Coopworth. The fleece is still in it's shipping box waiting to be washed, that's just going to have to wait till it get nicer out. I've been dying up some of the last fleece up for the shop to make room for the new fleece. I still have some of his lamb fleece left that I'm saving for something special... Anyway the ladies I got this fleece are just wonderful and they have many other beautiful fleeces! If I could buy them all I would. You can find them here and on etsy. Please check them out they have yarn, roving, quilting batts and some of the cleanest raw wool I've ever seen. Oh and I can't forget the top of the line customer service!

Ok I think that's all I've got. I'll be listing new colors of the Coopworth locks as soon as they dry and Lily lets me. I've also added some natural Shetland to the shop. I'll be going through my fiber stash soon and listing some of that. It's not going to really be a destash...I'm just getting around to doing what I should have done with it when I bought it...It can't make me money stored in my wool closet right?

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Batty said...

Your knitting makes me think of the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Your socks, Dashings, and shawl make me think of the first bits of green showing up on trees and bushes, and the fleece looks like the last snowfall in the spring.