Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And We Now Have Sock Yarn!


It took all day but I got the shop update finished! Woohoo! This is my new base yarn, Lily Sock. It's 75% superwash wool 25% nylon. I really really like it. It's the same base as some very hard wearing sock yarn. I'm hoping to bring back the merino/bamboo and a 100% merino, I don't know if the merino will be the Kona again...I was thinking of trying some Trendsoft...I don't know yet.

I don't have any pics of any WIP. I finished the 1st leafy sock that I was working on, I messed up that huge scarf and have to fix that and I've done a couple rows on DH's socks. I have to say i LOVEEEEEEE working socks on 2 cirs! Now I have to get more cirs...

Mystic Roses starts on Friday (I think) I'm ready for that, I didn't swatch...but I think everything will work out. Sock Maddness starts tomorrow, I have to get my yarn ready, I'll do that when I'm done here...

I've been spinning just a bit. I had ordered some merino roving from Sunset Fibers, as soon as it's done it will be up in the shop. Not sure when that will be, my wheel is upstairs and I don't get up there much unless I'm sleeping.

Lily is doing great, we are so happy about her hip! She had her 4mo check up this week also, she's 17.9lb. I can't believe she's that big, I guess I make good milk!

Let's see, oh I turned the comments back on, I'm thinking the crazies are all back in their caves. We will see. Ok I've got yarn to ball up...

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