Sunday, January 04, 2009

I'm late...But Happy New Year!

Let's are some of my x-mas FO.

for trinity

For Lily
Baby Owl
tiny bunny
man Socks
Owl dishcloths

See I've been knitting :)

This year I hope to knit more socks. I really miss sock knitting and had pretty much taken a year off after I had test knitted all those socks for socktopia. I'm working on 2 pairs now..

019 This is Spring Forward from Knitty in Cherry Tree Hill. I really love the pattern and the yarn!
018Here is a plan old man sock for my FIL.

017 I can't forget a little Gooey

014 and Lily Pie

Lily will be 2mo tomorrow....I think I'm starting to understand her. She is nothing like her sister was. Trinity is doing much better, it's hard on her not having Mommy all to herself anymore. I've been thinking about reopening the yarn shop...I miss it a ton. When it reopens I'm going to start off with batts. I haven't touch my wheel in forever so no Handspun sock. I feel so bad for her, she just sitting upstairs getting dusty in an office I really need to clean! Oh and it will be a wile for the Handpainted sock too, I don't have any base yarn...I've been thinking of switching it anyway. Oh and I need to build capital.... So I'm pretty much starting all over again. But that's ok I want to make some changes and it will be fun. Well I better get off this thing and get some stuff done wile the little one is sleeping!


ali said...

I do not have a stash yet...but your yarn room sounds wonderful! I've mostly been buying supplies at joann's and michaels, but they don't have a very big selection and it all tends to cost more than I'd like to spend. I've heard good things about knitpicks (I think that's the one), so I'm gonna try that out I think.

P.S. I uploaded a pic of the scarf on ravelry, it's not great but I like it!

Batty said...

Happy New Year to you!

That's a lot of knitting... and cute kid pictures! No wonder you've been busy. But they're both beautiful.