Friday, January 30, 2009

Another 7 weeks


Well the Lily pie is stuck in that fucking harness for another 7 weeks. The Ortho said both hips are sitting "normal" but he's worried about one not staying that way. Damn it Damn it! Do you have any clue how hard it is to dress a baby in one of those things!!! It sucks. Well other then the hips Lily is doing great, she's pretty much stopped being a screaming mess all the time. Gooey has a cold...she sounds so cute when she talks with the stuffy nose! I'm hoping she doesn't get Lily or I sick...but I'm sure we will.

Now on to the crafting. I finished a pair of super cute felted boots for Lily.
006 Here is a pic before I felted them...I'll get a pic of them finished soon. This was my first real crochet pattern, not that the plushies weren't real, it just didn't make a difference if you messed up a little.


I'm also working on a shawl. It's Vernal Equinox Shawl Surprise. I wasn't planing on making this shawl, but when I was the first 2 finished clues I jumped in. I'm 6 rows from finishing clue 3. The picture was at the end of clue 2. I'm really enjoying the KAL.

I'm still working on a pair of socks for myself and my FIL. Pics when I'm finished.


Ruth said...

I'm sorry to hear that Lily has to go another seven weeks, but it sounds as though things are moving in a positive direction. Better seven weeks now than surgery later, right?

Hang in there!

Batty said...

She's so cute! I know the harness sucks, but harness beats surgery any day. I wish they'd checked my sister and me when we were little. My hip is mostly OK, but hers is bothering her more and more, and she's only 26. It sucks, and you're doing Lily a huge favor.

Cute booties, and that's a wonderful color for the shawl.

jared said...

Could you pop on over to Ravelry and answer a question please?

You are the only person who has knitted the Candy pattern by Gigi Silva. There are folks knitting it now who are having problems with it. It appears the chart for the pattern is upside down. Could you verify if you had the same problem or offer anything you remember about the pattern?

I'm posting from my son's account because I can't remember my own password :-) - I'll leave you the same message on Ravelry if you wouldn't mind popping over to answer.

Thank you in advance.