Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Spawn's Birth Story

I don't really call her Spawn anymore, it just doesn't seem to fit. We call her Lily Pie when she's being cute and Lilith when she being an evil fuss pot. And trust me she's living up to her name :)

It's been 2 weeks so I hope I can still remember everything...

Nov 4 started out as any normal day, I felt huge but ok. I did stuff around the house and played with Trinity, then around 1:30pm I took a nap. I woke up around 3pm with mild contractions. I called Dh at work and his lovely boss wouldn't let him leave, like he'd be able to sell a car like that... Anyway it was really no big deal at the time, I felt fine, a little crampy but fine. I also called my sister at work to let her know. Well Trinity and I pretty much just played till Dh got home. He had to stop somewhere after work so he was a little late....can't remember what or why. When he got home we made waffles and bacon, I had been planning on doing it all day.. I think Dh got home around 7-7:30 and I was starting to feel like crap. I keep going back and forth about calling my sister. In the end I'm glad I did, I don't remember what time she got here, Trinity was in bed so it was after 8, I'm thinking around 9ish. We watched the returns and around the time McCain's speech was over I was about to die. I went outside and walked for a bit, it didn't really help. I think it was around 11 I called my Doc. He said to go ahead and go on in. I think my contractions were around 5min apart and super long, I stopped timing them at some point.

We got to the hospital and I got in to be checked pretty quick. I was at 6 so I could stay :) Well they didn't have any birthing rooms so they had to prep me where I was at. I took them 3 times in 3 different places to get the IV in, oh and I found out my Doc was not going to deliver Spawn. I had no clue. It's all good now. So I wasn't really happy at this point oh and I was hurting like a mofo. Well they told me we could go to the OR or the hallway, I picked the OR. When I got there they were all ready with my drugs. The doc who gave them to me was the coolest. I guess I was going pretty quick cause they were worried the epi wouldn't take. It did! I have to say the OR was kinda cool, I've never seen one before, it was soooo white and clean and warm. I kinda liked it there. (I think it was the drugs). I guess the staff was really surprised that I wasn't flipping out at them because of the room and stuff. I was kinda surprised myself, cause I'm kinda a bitch. Well any way the Doc broke my H2o and I pushed for a wile, nothing really happened, and I keep falling asleep between each was sooo white and peaceful in there. Well after awile a birthing room opened up so we went there, the room was really nice, but for some reason I missed the OR. I think I slept for awhile, and then we try ed to push again, nothing happened so we took another break. I think it was an hour later they came back. The doc told me he turned off my epi, I think I about had a break down at that point. I knew it was for the best, I had such a hard time with Trinity (3hr pushing forceps), I just wish he didn't tell me. So I pushed her out with no drugs in about 40 min. I cryed and begged like a druggie for my epi back. It didn't feel good to push, because each time I pushed he was doing something in there with his hands that hurt worse then her head. I have to say after her head popped out life was golden. I had one tiny tear and I so felt when they stitched me up. I got to see Lily for a min, she pooed on the way out so they had to suck her out a bit. After they cleaned me up we hung out for awhile, I was bleeding to much again, it has to do with not being able to pee. I stayed in the birthing room for longer then most because of it. They left all my lines in again but didn't end out cathing me till later. I only had to have it in for like 18 hours, I hated it but atleast I understand why it had to be in. They didn't tell me anything last time. I have to say I really enjoyed my stay at the hospital. Everyone was super cool and even the food was great. I felt so much better the next day after they took my lines out and I could shower, hell I even left the room.

Lily and I had some hard core problems with breast feeding at the hospital. She wouldn't latch, she'd just cry. That kinda sucked. Oh and I was a little shocked when they came in and told me she has hip displasica (sP) in both her hips and would have to wear a brace. That sucks. I hate that fucking brace, but she shouldn't have to wear it for too much longer, they say 6-12weeks, I'm hoping for 6. We go back to the Ortho on the 2nd and she'll be in it 5 weeks at that point. I can take it off now to give her a bath and wash it if I need too.

Breastfeeding is much better. I end up sending Dh out for shields on Sat after we got home. She latched right way! We are now off the shields! Whooo HOOO! Everything else is going well, Trinity is handling it well, she still won't hold or kiss Lily. Oh and Lily is up to 8lbs! ok well I think that's about it for now, she going to want the boobie any time now!


Saturday, November 08, 2008

And now we have Spawn

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Lilith Rose
Nov 5 2008
21.25in long

Birth story coming soon!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Still here

no baby....yet.....

I've finished knitting a bunch of stuff, a hat and gloves for Gooey and a scarf and hat for pics...I'm lazy sorry...

I need a nap.