Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well I've taken final markdowns on everything that is left in the yarn shop. I will be closing it Aug 1st! But don't worry I'll be back in the new year!!!

I'm still not sure when I'll close the other shop....most likely closer to my due date, I have a bigger inventory over there. I just don't see myself spinning much more yarn at this point, spawn is just getting too big for me to beable to spin...damn kid :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Does anyone know????

How to pull files off a computer you can't turn on..... I'm lost without all my knitting patterns...there all stuck on my other computer. I have stuff on there that that I just can seem to find, sigh... I really like my new computer, but man I'm all messed up, I'm not working on my shops as much and haven't even installed my printer yet....all that stuff is upstairs.

I been knitting a little, no pictures, but I've been working on a pair of baby pants to match some onies I found on sale. I really need to get a picture of the super cool Misfits one I found. It will be super cute on Spawn. Oh she has a name, Lilith Rose, we will call her Lilly. She's starting to really move around in there, she likes to do it when I'm playing WOW at night....I love WOW it's like crack!!! I just have the trial and that will be up soon....I'm not sure if I'll go and get the full version....It really sucks my knitting time after Gooey goes to bed.

Oh we got Gooey a really spiffy swing set, it's wood. We picked it up yesterday and still have to put it together. I really think she'll enjoy it!

That blue superwash is still sitting on my wheel unfinished....I really need to get that done and in the shop.

I just don't know where my time goes anymore.....

I did list some new rings in the other shop
I made a pretty coral and yellow one, I'll list them next week.

I'm hoping to get some knitting done this weekend....that and the swing set. Not that I'd be much help with that...man I'm getting huge!!!! Anyway have a great weekend!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Yea! Both shops are reopened. And let me just say I LOVE wireless!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby Belly

20 wks

So I did it. Here is Spawn at 20wks.....

I Be Back

My computer is still all jacked up, I can't even get it to turn on....and well guess what...."What?" you say...."I didn't back up all my saved knitting patterns." NICE... Well I still have to find someone to pull my files off if the hard drive.... Dh did go out and buy me a new computer on Sat. Oh and that's a story. I was bitching because his "friend" was going to fix my computer and he flaked out twice. I was pissed. Well it was around 7pm and he said he'd take care of it. I had no clue what that meant. Well he went to a well known big boxed electronic store and picked out a laptop. (that's what I'm using now) He wanted them to hook up the router and some other techy stuff I didn't want to deal with. They said it would be done by open on Sunday at the latest. I'm thinking, Cool I can reopen my shops on Monday, check my email, etc... Well we go to pick up the thing on Sunday and their power was out. Ok, I'm thinking, no big deal, it's paid for and it should be done we should be able to get it....Yea NO. Ok I was pissed. So Monday rolls around. No power, No computer. Tuesday I have to go to the mall anyway...No Power, Call to Corp. Have computer. It's not done, they didn't get the Router installed. So I have to take it back and have them do it. Sigh. I'm making Dh take it this weekend and stay there till it's done. I'd install the router myself, but fuck we paid for it. So, just in case, the shops will reopen as soon as I get my computer back AGAIN. LOVE IT!

So that is the story of my computer drama.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Spawn's a Girl

It's a Girl

spawn 19 wks

So I'm having another girl :) Very cool! Now I have to think of girl names, I had some pretty sweet boy names. She's doing good and the tests came back fine.

Well I have to make this short, my computer is overheating and I have to take her apart, so I'll be offline for atleast the night, maybe longer...I've closed the shops, thanks to my friend Kath!! They should be back online on Monday at the latest.

Ok gotta go :)