Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Keys To Charm Her

So I found my stash of vintage keys last night that I forgot I had and made this....The Keys To Charm Her
It's a charm bracelet. I you'd like to see more pics and find out what I used to make it you can click here It will take you to the shop listing.

I also make some more button bling

Button Clippies The Brown Set
This is a set of 4 button clips. I used 1940s vintage buttons.

I've also finished some yarn.
Handspun Falkland Sock Green Back
This was spun from Flawful Fibers Falkland Wool Top in Essence. I call the yarn Green Back. There is 3.9oz and 401 yard. It's sock yarn and in the shop.

I've started spinning some BFL in Gooey..I'm hoping to have it listed next week. I started a pair of man socks...I seem really good at starting things right now...I hope I can finish them all. I'm holding off on the baby knitting till I find out what Spawn is. ....Gooey's calling, it's time for lunch. I have more stuff to post later in the week....

Friday, April 25, 2008

Merlin's Week

Wow it's been over a week already? What did I do this week...hmmmmm. Well not much really, Gooey and I spent most of the week outside. We planted the garden, well most of it last weekend. All the seedlings we started inside have sprouted :)

Oh I had a doc appt yesterday. Every thing looks good. The heart rate was 147bpm and I only gained 2lbs! I have to go back mid May for blood tests and then in June to find out the sex...I can't wait to fine out.

Gooey and I went to register at Baby's r us. My sister is going to give me a small baby shower and my b-day's coming up and people keep asking me what I need...That and I can keep track of what I still need....Pretty much everything...remind me this time not to get rid of the stuff....k. I've been picking up little stuff every time I run to the store and am saving all the $$ from the shops to buy the big stuff, 1st thing will be the pack n play.

I didn't knit our spin much this week...I'm still working on the burp cloths. It's going to be cool and rainy next week, so I should have somthing to show you. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I can't think of a good title...

Hello again..wow I'm posting more again! I finished more yarn last week. This stuff was sitting on a bobbin for a long time, well not that long...I think I started it in Jan.
Wool Mohair River BedI'm calling it River Bed. It reminds me of the colors you'd find in a river :) The fiber was the last of the millends I got from Julie from Flawful Fiber (see side bar). It was dyed by me :) There is 4oz and 413 yards. If you want to see more of it click on the picture and it will take you to flickr, or you can stop by the shop, it's in there :)

Oh here are some little seedlings Gooey and I planted on Sunday.
Marigolds Marigolds.

Morning Glory and Morning Glory. Gooey picked these out when we got the veggie seeds. So I have them in those little green house things...and well I lost the directions...now that they've sprouted do I take off the top now? We also have the herbs, green pep. and toms in one...but they haven't sprouted yet...I thinking that we planted the g/p and the toms to late so we'll have to go buy plants, but that's ok I'll just put these in pots and keep them in the house! Well it's another nice day and were off to play again :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Maybe it won't snow again...

Oh it's sooo nice today. Gooey and I spent most of it playing in the yard.

The GardenHere is where we are putting most of the garden. This is our first year doing this. The garden is pretty much where I wash wool...not that I will be washing a lot of wool this year. I need more wool like I need a hole in my head.

GooeyHere's Gooey Blowing some bubbles :)

Burp Cloth I finished this today. This is my 3rd burp cloth so far. I've started an other one. I'm not sure how many I'll do...it depends on if I get sick of them or not.

Fluffs Ball on Gooey's bed Here's a not so great pic of Fluffs, he doesn't let me take pictures of him much so I'm luck to get this one:) He's on Gooey's bed.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Hey Look I Made Something!

Handspun Sock BFL Zara Wow I finished something. It's been awile! This is some handspun BFL sock. I spun this from some roving I dyed last summer. There is 4oz and 395 yards. It's pretty soft and fluffy.
Handspun Sock BFL Zara
Handspun Sock BFL Zara

The yarn is listed in the shop...I'd like to close it now, but need the $$$ so it will stay open till the end of summer. I will be adding new batts and handspun...but I don't see any more handpainted sock in my future...well maybe after the baby comes. Everything will go in the shop on sale...everything is now marked down...well almost. I have some yellow merino that I'm keep at full price and if it doesn't sell I'll just keep it. Well it's nice out and I wanta go play :)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Wow 2 posts in one day...

And this one isn't going to make me any friends.... I'm sad. Magknits is gone. You know why I think Magknits is gone...Ravelry Forums. I also know one of the big reasons Momma Monkey closed her shop was because of the Ravelry Forums. I also know why her patterns are not and most likely never be posted again...oh guess...Ravelry Forums. Fuck, I've seen a thread rip Knitty apart for being too nice.....WTF!!! I know things happen, people not getting paid, missing yarn, bags, or money.. something went wrong, people were not happy, they wanted to talk about it, they did....and it got out of hand and it turned in to a fucking witch hunt. All I know is that 2 things I enjoyed are gone, chased off the Internet by a bunch of knitters waving they're needles. My god I'm glad I haven't been at the end of one of these witch hunts. I really don't think that people understand that just because your hiding behind a computer that you can say anything that pops into your head! Now don't get me wrong. I think you should be able speak your mind, hell I'm doing it now...but you need to be careful how you do it. I'd also like to say that I think that Ravelry has some wonderful useful options and I know that people have worked very hard to bring us a this free service. I just think the Forums there can be evil. In most cases I stay away, I learned that after Momma Monkey died....but I wanted to know what happened and why Magknits was gone. I have a feeling that if someone doesn't get control over there more people are going to disappear.

I Feel Human Again

I can knit again and I almost feel normal! Oh its so cool! Well as long as I eat I'm ok. But it's not like it was a couple weeks ago! Man that so sucked!

Well let's see...what have I been doing. We decided we're planting a veggie garden this year so we've been getting that ready. We can't plant till next month, But we still have a lot to do! It's been so nice out we've been outside as much as we can! I've been spinning and knitting! No handspun pics, not till it's washed.

Oh shop news...for now they will both stay open as long as I can keep them open. After the baby comes I'll reopen the This and That Shop as soon as I can make it up stairs for an hour. The yarn shop will stay closed for awile..not forever!

Here is what I've been working on!

Muir This is Muir from Knitty! I'm using Alchemy Haiku in Koi Pond. I was lucky and was able to get this yarn on sale!

Burp cloths Here are some burp cloths from Mason-Dixon. These are great mindless knits to work on when I'm outside watching Gooey play! I'm kinda freaking out about baby stuff...I don't have anything anymore...well I still have the crib, car seat, and breast pump...I didn't think I'd breed again. So no yarn buying for me for awile...not like I need any!!!!

Oh here's a cute picture!
Zara Gooey And Maggie Maggie, Gooey, and Zara! Zara is a year old now!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Crap I forgot...

Today was Flash Your Stash Day...I was thinking about pulling the yarn out today and taking the pictures...but as you can see my office is trashed and well I'd have to clean it...

I've been feeling much better, I cast on for Muir from Knitty. Not to much done, I'll take pictures when I have something to show you :)