Thursday, December 25, 2008

Free Pattern: Dress Your Nano In Handspun

Wooo HOOO I finely have an Ipod! Well I just had to knit for it! This pattern is was written for the new 4 gen Nanos. And is so super easy!
Dress Your Nano In Handspun
I used my own handspun sock yarn (Merlin The Cat's Handspun Sock) in a Merino/Bamboo/Glitz blend. You only need a tiny bit of yarn.
Gauge 7st per inch
Whatever DPN needles you need to get gauge.
Cast on 24st (I use long tail)
Join (be careful not to twist you stitched)
Knit till you little tube is just a little less then then 4in
Arrange your sts so they are on 2 needles
Graft sts together using Kitchener stitch.
I left one corner a little loose so I could connect my ear buds.
Now you have your very own little Nano Sock!
Please let me know if you have any questions!

Dress Your Nano In Handspun

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Batty said...

That's a great idea!