Monday, October 13, 2008

Still with child...

Still here. Still preggos. But I have finished a bunch of knitting!

A basket for Spawns toys
A felted basket for Spawn's toys.

Gooey's #2
A pair of socks for Gooey. These were made with my bamboo/merino sock yarn base that she dyed last year. The pattern is Gooey by Momma-Monkey. This is the 2nd pair of these I've made with the same yarn. The pair I made last year doesn't fit anymore.

Lilith's hat
And a hat for Spawn.

I'm almost finished with the green socks for DH that I started this spring and I'm also working on a birthday gift for a friend that I hope to get done before Spawn comes.....

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PhD KT said...

You're still preggos! Any day now!!! Can't wait for the samhain lilith spawn to come ripping her way out of your womb!