Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hello There

Really I have no clue what I do all day that keeps me from blogging...

Here is an owl dish cloth I finished last week...

owl dish cloth

I made 2 of them from the same ball of cotton. I really like this pattern, that and I have a thing for owls. I'm not sure if I'll keep these or give them as a gift...

Here are the ghosts I made for the baby shower.
Ghosts for baby shower favors

I found the pattern on etsy it also came with a cute little witch and owl that I hope to make before the baby comes.

I've also finished a pair of baby socks and a hat for Spawn...didn't get pictures of them yet.

I'm working on a felted basket to put her toys in and a pair of socks for Gooey. I'd like to finished DH's green socks too.

The baby shower was super fun. I have almost everything we need now and I'm freaking out less. Her room is almost done, I'm hoping DH will finish it this weekend. We just have to put a light fixture in, the door knob back, take out the ac, and a few other little things. I still feel a little unorganized. I have to get things to there places and out of her room. You know like the bath stuff in the bathroom, bottles out, etc. Well I better get busy :)

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