Monday, August 04, 2008

Yes I know I suck...

I'm just a bad little blogger! I've finely uploaded pics of Gooey's birthday party...5th bday
She picked out the rainbow cake all by her self, and it was pretty good!

Let's see....I finished knitting the baby blanket I was working on, no pictures...have to get some of those. I'm working on some washcloths for favors for the baby shower in Sept. We have all that soap that Dh made so I thought they'd make great favors :)

Swawn is doing great, I'm getting huge! It's like I popped again...I'll have to get pics of the belly again... I have another U/S next week so I'll post pics then. Hope she's still a she :)

We're really starting to get things ready. We pulled the books and cleaned our stuff from her closet. We need to paint, not sure what colors we are going to do...It depends on if I'm going to get a bedding set, don't know if I wanta spend the money on something she won't really use...We only have a few big baby things to get. The breast pump that I will order tomorrow. I'm going with the Lansinoh after going around and around about what one to get... We still need the crib mattress and a swing (I found a cute sheepy one at target that I HAVE to have). The rest is just little stuff that we can pick up here and there.

Lets see what else...Oh I signed up for MS4 I hoping this year to really knit it. I finished MS2. I've picked out my yarn, KnitPicks Shadow in Spring Green and I ordered some beads in brown...I hope they work :)

Well that all I've got for you! Have a great day!!!

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