Friday, August 08, 2008

OMFG I have FOs

Don't pass out people, but I have something to show you...well 2 things.

First up we have that baby blanket I finished last week.

Baby Blanket

The pattern is from the Lions Brand website, nothing special..yarn is from Joanns...don't remember the name..

Next we have a Dumpling Bag from the Fall IK that I got yesterday.

Pre felted

Dumpling Bag

I finished it last night and felted is this morning, it's still wet and packed with bags...

Dumpling bag
I used yarn, I think it was felting wool...don't remember. For the flowers and vines I used leftover Patons and Cascade. For the rings I used bone beads from one of my vintage necklaces. I really like it and will use it this fall!

I'm waiting on my printer ink to come so I can swatch for MS4...I hope it gets here soon...

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