Monday, August 25, 2008

Canning Is Fun!

Happy Monday!

Guess what I did this weekend...I made Jam and Pickles!
Blueberry jam

Here is the jam cooking. It's blueberry. I can't believe how easy it was! I even did a 2nd batch today all by myself! Now I have jam for 6mo. I wonder what fruit I can try next???
Here are the pickles...again super easy. The hardest part, well besides the 8 week wait to try them, is getting them to seal right.

Really canning is the coolest thing ever...


ali said...

I have sooo been wanting to try canning stuff. Do you need anything besides the jars? My parents have raspberry bushes and every summer I tell myself I'm going to make jam. So far I never have.

When's your due date? You must be getting close...YAY!

Batty said...

Oh yum! Nothing beats home-made jam.

merlinthecat said...

Ali, just need jars, the goo you put in the jelly to make it jelly Pectin i think and a big ass pot...I'm due Oct 30th....