Monday, August 25, 2008

Canning Is Fun!

Happy Monday!

Guess what I did this weekend...I made Jam and Pickles!
Blueberry jam

Here is the jam cooking. It's blueberry. I can't believe how easy it was! I even did a 2nd batch today all by myself! Now I have jam for 6mo. I wonder what fruit I can try next???
Here are the pickles...again super easy. The hardest part, well besides the 8 week wait to try them, is getting them to seal right.

Really canning is the coolest thing ever...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gooey's Sweater

gooey's sweater

Here is the sweater I made for Gooey. It's fresh off the needles. Pattern Ella's Sweater by Dena Childs fro Webs. Yarn Knit Picks WOA size 8 needles. It's super cute on her, but she wouldn't keep it on to take a pic, it's kinda hot today! Up next another sweater for Gooey...

baby's room Painted!

We finished painting Spawns room last weekend. yep Lime green. We still have to get a light fixture and plates for the switches and stuff, oh and something for the windows...

Well I've got some swatching to do...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spawn is still a Girl!

Yea! I had a doc appt today with and U/S. She a little over 3lbs and is head down (i'm hoping she stays that way!) My glucose and iron test came back fine. I was pretty sure the glucose would be fine...I wasn't so sure about the iron test, I really don't eat red meat...(I just don't like it much)

Oh I had a pretty sweet mail day. I won $160 worth of baby food from Earth's Best Organic I signed up for the Earth's Best Month of Baby Food Sweepstakes so I could get coupons in the mail and well I won! Yea!!!! I never win anything!

Well it's getting kinda cool her at night so I've started working on a little sweater for Gooey. I've finished the back and am about 1/2 done with the front. Oh and I finely got printer ink and have printed out the swatch for MS4....haven't knit it yet...but atleast it's printed!

Well that's all I got for now...I'll get the U/S pics scaned in one of these days...

Friday, August 08, 2008

OMFG I have FOs

Don't pass out people, but I have something to show you...well 2 things.

First up we have that baby blanket I finished last week.

Baby Blanket

The pattern is from the Lions Brand website, nothing special..yarn is from Joanns...don't remember the name..

Next we have a Dumpling Bag from the Fall IK that I got yesterday.

Pre felted

Dumpling Bag

I finished it last night and felted is this morning, it's still wet and packed with bags...

Dumpling bag
I used yarn, I think it was felting wool...don't remember. For the flowers and vines I used leftover Patons and Cascade. For the rings I used bone beads from one of my vintage necklaces. I really like it and will use it this fall!

I'm waiting on my printer ink to come so I can swatch for MS4...I hope it gets here soon...

Monday, August 04, 2008

Yes I know I suck...

I'm just a bad little blogger! I've finely uploaded pics of Gooey's birthday party...5th bday
She picked out the rainbow cake all by her self, and it was pretty good!

Let's see....I finished knitting the baby blanket I was working on, no pictures...have to get some of those. I'm working on some washcloths for favors for the baby shower in Sept. We have all that soap that Dh made so I thought they'd make great favors :)

Swawn is doing great, I'm getting huge! It's like I popped again...I'll have to get pics of the belly again... I have another U/S next week so I'll post pics then. Hope she's still a she :)

We're really starting to get things ready. We pulled the books and cleaned our stuff from her closet. We need to paint, not sure what colors we are going to do...It depends on if I'm going to get a bedding set, don't know if I wanta spend the money on something she won't really use...We only have a few big baby things to get. The breast pump that I will order tomorrow. I'm going with the Lansinoh after going around and around about what one to get... We still need the crib mattress and a swing (I found a cute sheepy one at target that I HAVE to have). The rest is just little stuff that we can pick up here and there.

Lets see what else...Oh I signed up for MS4 I hoping this year to really knit it. I finished MS2. I've picked out my yarn, KnitPicks Shadow in Spring Green and I ordered some beads in brown...I hope they work :)

Well that all I've got for you! Have a great day!!!