Thursday, July 10, 2008

I have stuff to show you!

A real post YEA!

Lets start with the baby bell bottoms
baby pants
Same as the green ones a made a longggg time ago. I Swish DK. I really do like this pattern, I't just took me forever to finish them.


This is 4 of the 8oz of merino/seacell I got from my SSP last round. I'ts not washed or blocked. I finished this a few months ago and just pulled it off the bobbin. I plan on spinning up the rest and dying it...Clap maybe???
There is 383ish yards, Dk wt I think.

I'm also plying the blue superwash on the wheel right now, I can only do a little at a time till the baby gets mad and starts kicking me...I don't think she likes how I sit when I spin. It is easier then it was a month ago, She was really high.

Ok I think that it for now....:)

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