Monday, July 07, 2008

ahhhh wow I'm lazy...

I'm alive...not doing much of anything really. I haven't been knitting really at all, I have another pair of the baby bell bottoms on the needles, just 6 more rows and I can BO...I'm just not in the mood. Now that my computer is down stairs I don't even go in the room with all my yarn. I have started cleaning it up, I have too. We have to move the bookshelves out of Spawn's room and they are going in the office. sigh...I hate cleaning..

Well all my inventory is gone from the yarn shop and I closed it early. I can't believe everything sold so quick! Because of that I was able to order my car seat, pack-n-play and bouncy seat. I got the car seat from BRU, (free shipping) and the pack-n-play and bouncy seat from amazon (free shipping and super sale on bouncy seat).The pack-n-play came today, Gooey and I put it together to see what it looked like. I'm happy, I was going to get one of those ones with the changing table and stuff, but I don't think I'd use it. This one is pretty much the same as Gooey's and hers worked just fine.

Oh here is a pic of Gooey on her new swing set.
slide fun time
and her with the fireworks...

I have pics of some of the fireworks...but they're not on the computer yet...

Well were thinking about homeschooling her...I just don't know if I can send her to these schools....I don't know what were going to do yet. I'm having a really hard time finding info non-faith based homeschooling. All the groups in my area are religious, and well that not my thing. I think I'm going to work on getting as much info as I can find then go to the orientation for the magnet school we got Gooey into and go from there. She's going to be 5 this month and in MI you don't have to send you kid to school till they are 6. Sigh...well Gooey would like her mommy slave to get her a snack...must go:)


Jena said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! So I hopped over here to "meet" you. I haven't done much knitting either. I got a lot done this winter, but I'm busy with other things this summer I guess!

I know what you mean about finding nonreligious homeschooling stuff. I'm a big believer in the public library. And there are A LOT of materials that aren't faith-based, esp if you stay away from packaged curriculum like A BEKA, Bob Jones, etc. If you are looking for a certain subject area, just email me ( and I bet I can point you in the right direction. Rainbow Resource has a HUGE homeschooling catalog (print and online) with lots of ideas. You can always try to get a book through the library system before you decide to buy.

I'm an "unschooler" so I don't use packaged curriculum anyway. In my opinion, a life full of good books and interesting experiences is the best education.

Good luck, and I bet you'd love homeschooling.

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